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Rang I & II



Our Lemon Clock Science Experiment

Elliott’s Mom brought us a Lemon Clock experiment from holidays. We had fun today making it work. We had two pieces of copper, two pieces of zinc, one white wire, a digital clock with a black and red wire and a lemon. We managed to get the clock working. The copper, zinc and lemon helped to create power like a battery. It was fun.



Our School Tour to the Eclipse Centre in Kenmare

We did lots of activities like archery, tug of war, obstacle course, treasure hunt, maze and several others. It was a great day as you will see in our photos. We were very tired on the way home.


We had fun at our hurling blitz in Ballyheigue

Our Friendship Bracelets made from wool


We used clothes pegs to make crosses for Easter

Library Book Characters On World Book Day

We were so excited today – we got letters from

our penpals in Kilconly N.S.

 Getting the vegetable patch ready for planting

We made yummy pancakes on Shrove Tuesday

It is February 1st and spring has arrived. We made some Saint Brigid’s crosses using pipe cleaners.

Hurrah our plants are growing!!!

January 2017

Here are some photos from our nativity play

Santa Claus Visited First and Second Class

Yummy Gingerbread Men

We read the story of Finn’s Dream about chasing the gingerbread man.

Then we made gingerbread men at school.

We decorated them with skittles. They were delicious!

Some experiments during Science Week

We had a visit from super furry animals!

We did lots of experiments during science week.

It was fun!

We made Hallowe’en masks with plaster of paris.




Hallowe’en Fun and Games










We made lovely brown bread using our buttermilk.

We made butter using an old churn and some cream

Playing games 






Our New School Year 2016 / 2017

We planted some Autumn bulbs!


Surfing in Ballybunion was cool!

Tour 2016 009

Tour 2016 010

Tour 2016 012

Tour 2016 016

Tour 2016 018

Tour 2016 020

Tour 2016 024

We even saw a jelly fish!

Tour 2016 027

Tour 2016 037

Tour 2016 044

Tour 2016 074

Tour 2016 083

Tour 2016 101

Tour 2016 103

Tour 2016 105

Tour 2016 107

Tour 2016 108

Tour 2016 111

Tour 2016 112

Sports Day Was Great Fun!

Retirement 005

Retirement 006 Retirement 007 Retirement 009

Retirement 014

Retirement 016

Retirement 018

Retirement 021

Retirement 024

Our Football Blitz in Coolard – June 3rd 2016

Maths Games and Football Blitz 009


Some Games We Play In The Morning

Maths Games and Football Blitz 001

Maths Games and Football Blitz 002

Maths Games and Football Blitz 003

Maths Games and Football Blitz 004

Maths Games and Football Blitz 005

Maths Games and Football Blitz 006

Maths Games and Football Blitz 007

Maths Games and Football Blitz 008

This insect is called a May Bug – have you seen one?


We made Dinosaurs!



We Won Lots Of Medals!






Second Class Received their First Holy Communion


!st Communion 2016 (3)

!st Communion 2016 (4)

!st Communion 2016

We planted Peas, Cress and Spinach in cartons

Photos from Ipad April 2016 238

Photos from Ipad April 2016 240

Photos from Ipad April 2016 241

GIW Photos 128

We measured the cress every day and coloured in a block graph.

GIW Photos 130

Look! Our Onions and Carrots are Growing – April

Photos from Ipad April 2016 243

Gardening Time

Today Monday March 14th we sat some onions. We used a rake to make the soil level and we make holes for the onions with a dibber.Planting Onions 2016 044Planting Onions 2016 046

Ballyduff Winners of Village with a Vision

Congratulations to Bud’s Resource Centre and everyone involved! Daithí O’Shea called to see us and we took lots of photos. We are very proud of our village.


World Book Day Activities 2016

We performed a drama called The Book Parade and we told everyone to visit the library and take out a book instead of playing on the play station or watching TV. It was fun!

Planting Onions 2016 008

Planting Onions 2016 009

Planting Onions 2016 010

Planting Onions 2016 011

Fifth and Sixth Class made up Mr. Men books and they read them to us in the school hall. They were really good and we enjoyed it.

Planting Onions 2016 013

Planting Onions 2016 015

Planting Onions 2016 016

Planting Onions 2016 017

Planting Onions 2016 018

Planting Onions 2016 019

Planting Onions 2016 020

Planting Onions 2016 021

Planting Onions 2016 022

Planting Onions 2016 023

Planting Onions 2016 024

Planting Onions 2016 025

Planting Onions 2016 026

Planting Onions 2016 028

Planting Onions 2016 029

Planting Onions 2016 030

Planting Onions 2016 031

Then we made up a story with Michael D Higgins in it and our teacher made it into a book for each of us. We read our books for fifth and sixth up in their classroom. It was scary but exciting!

Planting Onions 2016 032

Planting Onions 2016 033

Planting Onions 2016 034

Planting Onions 2016 035

Planting Onions 2016 036

Planting Onions 2016 037

Planting Onions 2016 038

Planting Onions 2016 039

Planting Onions 2016 040

First Class Voted in the General Election 2016!

We chose 1,2,3 to pick the people we liked in the General Election. We took turns as being the Presiding Officer and the Poll Clerk. We used the polling booths that our Moms and Dads will use. It was fun. Here are some photos:

Voting 001


Voting 002


Voting 003


Voting 004


Voting 005


Voting 006


Voting 007

We enjoy working with magnetic shapes and tangrams

Magnetic Shapes Feb. 16 001

Magnetic Shapes Feb. 16 002

Magnetic Shapes Feb. 16 003

Magnetic Shapes Feb. 16 004


The Food Dude’s Arrived

Over the next 16 days we will be tasting lots of different fruits and vegetables. We will get two lunch boxes each to bring in some fruit and vegetables for our lunches. We are going to be really healthy and strong!

Food Dudes 2

Food Dudes 3

Food Dudes 5

Food Dudes 6

Food Dudes

Geoff Hunt’s Visit to First and Second Class

Geoff Hunt visited first and second class and we learned about the robin, the blackbird and the blue tit. The robin likes to eat spiders, the blackbird likes worms and the blue tit likes caterpillars. We heard their songs and we coloured pictures of the birds. It was fun.

Geoff Hunt 2016 027

Geoff Hunt 2016 028

Geoff Hunt 2016 030

Geoff Hunt 2016 031

Geoff Hunt 2016 032

Geoff Hunt 2016 033

Geoff Hunt 2016 034

Geoff Hunt 2016 035

Geoff Hunt 2016 036

Geoff Hunt 2016 037

Geoff Hunt 2016 038

Geoff Hunt 2016 039

Geoff Hunt 2016 040

Geoff Hunt 2016 041

Geoff Hunt 2016 042

Geoff Hunt 2016 043

Geoff Hunt 2016 044

Geoff Hunt 2016 045

Geoff Hunt 2016 046


Some Experiments in Rang I

image image image image image image

Santa’s Visit to First Class






  Our Nativity in School December 2015

Nativity 15 007

Nativity 15 006

Nativity 15 005

Nativity 15 004

Nativity 15 003

Nativity 15 001


Philip Sean Jack 2

Nativity Group 3

Kelsey Keeley Megan 2

Holly Niamh Antoinette Raonaid Emma Shannon

Alex Aoibhinn 2


 We made gingerbread men!

Gingerbread Man



 Fun and games with Rang I

Alex Aoibhinn Clara Philip

Alisha Kelsey Clara Megan

Alisha Kelsey Megan

Antoinette Aoibhinn Keeley

Aoibhinn Philip Keeley Alex

Emma Raonaid Holly Sean
Jack Shannon Niamh

School September 15 017

Shannon Niamh Sean Jack

September 2015

Rang I support Kerry


Artefacts and Vintage Items

Our teacher brought in some vintage items and we told third and fourth class all about them. Do you recognise any of these artefacts? Which one do you think is the oldest?

Butter Churn Copper pan Griddle Luke with quin Milk maids yoke Old weapon Seed Fiddle Wash boards Wash paddles


 Sports Day was Fun!

Second class boys bouncy castle Second class girls bouncy castle 1 Second class girls slide

Egg and Spoon Filling the bottle First Class bouncy castle First Class Boys Bouncy Castle

Be Friendly Week

Fifth Class girls painted our nails for Be Friendly Week!

 Caoimhe Kiera Fia Edel Sienna Jessica Sophia 2 Laura Rebecca Ava and Chloe nail painting Rebecca Edel Ava K 2

We made FOSSILS!!!

image image image image image image image image image image image

Our School Tour to Mallow

We had lots of different activities for example – human football, zorbie ball, air mountain, hockey, obstacle course and disco dome. It was a really fun tour!

Ava F dancing Ava Jayden John Jenga Charlie Shay Jordan Chloe Mallow Chloe Edel Ava F Laura Chloe Jess Fia Mallow Climbing the mountain Climbing Eamon Tadhg Zorbie Ball Edel Gavin Rebecca on go carts Fia Sienna Table Football Jake Gavin M Jenga Mallow Jeremiah Gavin Jake Jenga Mallow Jeremiah on the slide Jess Kiera JJ Michael Shayne Mallow John Charlie Michael Luke Christopher Eamon Ricky Shayne Rebecc and group on gocarts Reece Jayden Reece Luke Table Football Reece Luke Zorbie Ball Ricky asleep Ricky Reece Zorbie Ball Shayne JJ Sienna Fia Shay Michael Aaron Jeremian Sophia Jess Kiera Jordan Tadhg

In The Olden Days

Below is a seed fiddle which was used to sow seeds long ago. The long stick went back and forth like the bow of a fiddle.

In the next photo are wooden wash paddles that were used to wash heavy clothes such as blankets.

The last photo is a little griddle which as used for baking bread.

image image image

We planted flowers for “Ballyduff in Bloom”



Getting the compost

Making a holeRicky Eamon Tadhg SophiaPlanting purple bocopaFia and CaoimheFirmingJess Eamon ReecePlanting white bocopaWatering the plants

Look! We won more medals and trophies!!

 Tadhg with trophies




Our Holy Communion Day on Sat. April 25th


Our Vegetable Patch

We planted onions, carrots and courgettes. We hope to eat them when they grow. We will also plant some beetroot and potatoes.

Caoimhe Jake with compost

Chloe Ava F Michael planting

Ava K planting

Edel Charlie planting onions

Gavin Eamon Ricky planting

Gavin Jayden Laura planting

Jeremiah planting

Jordan planting

Kiera Sophia Jessica planting

Luke Reece planting

Shay planting

Shayne planting






























We Won lots of medals, certificates and trophies!

April Photos 15




Ag déanamh agus ag ithe pancóga

 2015-02-12 Pancakes 20151

Rehearsing for Snow White and the Eleven Dwarfs

Mirror Huntsman Maid

Golf and Concert Rehearsal 007


Eleven Dwarfs




Maid, Queen and Mirror

We made birds using collage

image  image

image image


image  image


Santa visited us

Santa 2014 013

Santa 2014 012

Santa 2014 011

Santa 2014 010

Santa 2014 008

Santa 2014 007

Santa 2014 005

Santa 2014 004

Santa 2014 003

Jessica grew a pumpkin



We made Hallowe’en Masks


Halloween Masks 003

Halloween Masks 005

Halloween Masks 001



 Dressing Up For Hallowe’en


Sienna and group

Kiera and group

JJ and group


Jess and group


 Blind Mans Buff 2


2014-11-02 Halloween


We Made Butter using an old fashioned churn



We used cream. We all took turns turning the churn. It didn’t take long. When the butter was made there was a mug of buttermilk left over. We put salt in the butter to make it tasty. Next day we used the buttermilk to make brown bread. It was yummy!


Butter churn and cream

Caoimhe pours cream


Sophia and group

Shayne and group

Michael and group

Laura and group

Fia and group

Ava F and group

Aaron and group

Bowl of butter

Bowl of buttermilk


This is the bread we made using the buttermilk

2014-10-09 Making Bread


Some Geoboard Designs That We Made

Rang 1 Geoboard Designs Oct 14

Three Cheers For Kerry!!!

Up Kerry


We Enjoy Being Reading Buddies

Shane and Sienna Tadhg and Joseph Reece and Oisin Luke and David Laura and Kiera Jessica and Louise Gavin and Muiris Emma and Fia Eamon and Dean Christopher and Dylan Caoimhe and Jeremiah Amy and Sophia Aaron and Chloe Steafan and Jude Serena and Rebecca Cathal and Thomas Cillian M and Patrick Dean W and Kevin Lauren and Sophie Ryan and Conor


Our Nativity Play

Group4Lauren Cillian









SteafanLukeRory1                       Reece and Group


Group of Angels



Santa’s Visit December 2013

Science and Reading Buddies 006

Science and Reading Buddies 008



Science and Reading Buddies 011



Science and Reading Buddies 010

Science and Reading Buddies 013

Science and Reading Buddies 012

My Dog Has Got No Manners!


Halloween Fun 2013




Dressing up is fun!

Dressing up is fun!


Do we look scary?

Do we look scary?


We had fun dressing up.

We had fun dressing up.


All kinds of costumes!

All kinds of costumes!


Skeletons and Witches

Skeletons and Witches


Slide Show Tour 13

These are some photos of our recent school tour. We visited the Wetlands and the Geraldine Museum in Tralee.


We made our Holy Communion on May 18th

Our Sports Day Was Fun!


 Here are some experiments we tried



Brianóg Brady Dawson Visited Us

Show and Ask

During Show and Ask we bring different items into class and all the other pupils ask us questions about them . It is fun. We show them to the other classes too.

Can you guess what these items were used for?

The one on the left is called a Seed Fiddle and it was used for sowing grass seeds.




 The one on the right is a wash board and it was used to wash clothes before washing machines were in use.

We planted some trees with our Caretaker, Richie and we planted some onions

 and cabbage with our teacher


Santa’s Visit to First and Second Class

Our Nativity Play Cast

Maths! Maths! Maths!

Parents, please follow the links below to view videos and tips that help with Maths in 1st and 2nd class.

Super Furry Animals from Killarney National Park

Super Furry Animals came to visit us from Killarney National Park and they were incredible. Did you know that a blue whale is covered in hair in its Mom’s womb but when it’s born all the hair has disappeared?  What is a baby hare called?  What is a baby rabbit called? We got to hold all the mammals and we found out that there are only 32 species of mammal in Ireland but there are much more in the world. Animals have different adaptations to help them survive in the wild for example the badger had sharp teeth and claws and a scary black and white face to frighten predators. A Mammy hare only spends 2 days looking after her young and then she hides them one by one in different places to protect them from foxes and other predators. We had a really fun time!

We had fun working with magnets and discovering which materials are magnetic and which are not. We learned about magetic north and had lots of different activities. It was very interesting.

We were learning all about dinosaurs and we made some fossils during Art.

We had fun making magic crystals and one person took them home to see how fast they grew!

The Olympic Torch was in our school recently.

We made Hallowe’en masks using paper machè


 First Communion class, with Fr. Brendan Walsh and  teacher Ms. Maura Enright, on

Saturday the 12th of May 2012

Some Photos of First and Second Class Activities