Ballyduff Central National School Co Kerry

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Fáilte romhat isteach.

Ballyduff N.S. is a four-teacher mixed primary school situated in North Kerry. The school has an enrolment of over 100 pupils at present.

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 General Information

    • History of the School: The school was founded in 1839 with a separate school for boys and girls. The present school was opened in 1966 again with separate buildings for girls and boys. In 1982 the Girls and Boys schools amalgamated to form Ballyduff Central N.S. and the building was subsequently extended. In Summer 2015 following the amalgamation of Ballyduff Central N.S. and Rathmorrel N.S. Ballyduff N.S. was formed.


    • Staff: Present Staff includes 5 class teachers,( 3 S.E.T. (1Shared)), 4 S.N.A. (2 fulltime, 1 Infant hours 1 part-time)and Part – time secretary and caretaker.


    • Curriculum: In addition to teaching 11 subjects plus religion we also avail of expertise from outside personnel ie French Teacher, G.A.A. Coaches, Music Teacher, Dancing Teacher etc.


    • Extra Curricular Activities: We as a staff are committed to the holistic development of the child and we encourage children to develop their talents. Consequently we participate in Quizzes, Art Competitions, Listowel Writer’s Week Poetry and Story Competitions, Concerts, Carol Service, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, INTO Mini Sevens football (Boys & Girls) and also Hurling. We also participate in the Cumann na mBunscoil Football Leagues ( Boys & Girls), F.A.I.S. soccer competitions (Girls & Boys) and girls basketball.


    • Catchment Areas: The traditional catchment area of this school is Ballyduff village and surrounding area with a radius of approximately 2 to 3 miles. However parents have the right to send their children to the school of their choice or indeed educate them at home.


    • Admission to the School (See Enrolment Policy) Enrolment week for New Junior Infants takes place in March each year, however enrolment forms are available from the school at any time. Once the enrolment form has been filled in by Parents the necessary entries are made in the school registers and a file is opened up for each pupil. Pupils may be admitted to other classes during the year following agreed procedures.


    • School Opening and Closing Times: Bell rings and doors open at 9.10 a.m. by 9.20 a.m. all pupils are expected to be in their class rooms. Rolls are called each morning. Break times are 11.00 to 11.10 am and 12.30 to 1.00 p.m. Infants go home at 1.50 p.m. other classes at 2.50 p.m. Children who attend the Homework Club go home at 3.30p.m. on Monday and Wednesday. Infant children should be accompanied to the classroom and collected from the classroom at home time.


    • School Uniform:                                                                                               
    • Girls: Navy pinafore/skirt/slacks (No tracksuits, No jeans) blue shirt, navy cardigan/navy v-neck jumper, navy tights and red tie.
    • Boys: Navy trousers (No tracksuits or jeans) blue shirt, navy v-neck jumper and red tie.
    • Available from Dunnes Stores, Stuarts, Shaws or Dan Fitzgeralds. School crest is available from the school.
    • Summer Uniforms: Boys and Girls navy shorts, blue or white short sleeved shirt, red tie, uniform cardigan or jumper if necessary, also navy ankle socks.


    • Homework: Homework assigned from Monday to Thursday. Infants get a homework sheet on Monday outlining tasks for each night. Older children have homework diaries into which they write their homework.  Parents are asked to sign diary each night.


    • Lunches: As we are a ‘Health Promoting’ School we encourage healthy lunches. Fruit, yoghurt, sandwiches, crackers, cheese, fruit juice etc. We do not allow bars, sweets, crips, fizzy drinks or chewing gum.  Should your child wish to go home for lunch at 12.30 p.m. you will be requested to sign a permission slip.


    • Notes: Parents are now required by law to send a note explaining the absence of any child from school. The note in their homework diary may be brought to the class teacher by a sibling or by the child when returning to school. Please send a note if your child is late, has to leave school early or if somebody else is collecting them at home time.


    • Supervision of Playground (See Code of Discipline)                                                             
    • There is always a teacher on yard duty assisted by SNA.’s
    • Yard supervisors will ensure that:
    • Pupils are orderly. Pupils do not leave the school grounds without permission.
    • Pupils line up at the end of break.


    • Accidents to children (See Health & Safety Statement)

    If a child is involved in an accident, An Accident Report form is filled out. This report will be kept in the accident file. In the case of a serious accident the teacher is also advised to contact the Chairman B.O.M. and The Health & Safety Authority. In the event of an accident or a child becoming ill during the school day the class teacher will inform the Principal, The Parents/Guardians will be contacted by phone and asked to collect the child.


    • School Books: There is a Book Rental Scheme in operation. All books are covered with contact and stamped with the school stamp for ease of care. In order to ensure continuity we try to have the same schemes throughout the school. All books and Infant copy books will be provided in school. Infants use workbooks and photocopied resources. Parents will be asked to help cover books in September. Pupils are expected to take good care of books.


    • Informal Use of Irish: One of the main aims of our education policy in this school is to give the children a positive attitude to Irish not just as our native language, but also towards our native culture and traditions. To this end we use Irish informally and encourage a love of our country and things Irish.


    • Insurance Regulation: Children should not be in the school grounds or building outside of official opening times as there is no supervision provided except for extra curricular activities.


    • Computers & Interactive White Boards: All classrooms are equipped with an interactive white board. There are computers in all classes and an Internet User Policy is in place.


    • School Savings Scheme: School operates a saving scheme in conjunction with Clanmaurice Credit Union Ltd. Saving Stamps cost €1 each full book worth €40.00. Child then has the option of opening a savings account or cashing in the book. Stamps are available on a daily basis in school. Children are encouraged to save for school tour.


    • Fire Drill (See Health & Safety Statement)                                                                                                                                                                  

    A Fire Drill will be carried out at least once every term.


    • Missions: Children are encouraged to support the Missions through Operation Christmas Child and by donating their pocket money to “Children Helping Children” and other charities  in our Easter Egg Draw etc. Confirmation class are encouraged to give some of their money to the Kerry Diocesan Mission.


    • Visits by Doctors/Dentist or Public Health Nurse:                                      
    • School is notified in advance of these visits and any necessary Parental consent forms etc are distributed by the class teachers.


    • Visitors to the School:                                                                                                          
    • Local Parish Priest.
    • Local Missionary Priests and Nuns on holiday from abroad.
    • District Inspector, Divisional Inspector and Religious Inspectors.
    • Local Gardai.
    • Public Health Nurse.
    • Representatives of various School Book Publishing companies.
    • L. I.N.K.personnel.
    • Fire Extinguisher Inspector.                                                                                        Santa.
    • Authors & Poets
    • Mobile Classroom (Life skills Programme)

    Arranged visits by experts in various areas.

    Personnel from Various Agencies involved with Special needs Children. ie Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, School Psychologist, Enable Ireland, Greenview Clinic, Brothers of Charity.


    • L.I.N.K.: Work with rang V and VI on Friday afternoons. 5th class work on “The Walk Tall Programme” and compile the School Magazine at the end of the year. 6th class work on a Transition Programme.


    • Parents Association: We have a very active association who support and compliment the work of the school.


    • An After Schools Support Club: Runs in the school on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3.00 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.


    • Tours: Educational Tours are an annual event. They take place in the last term and are eagerly awaited by children. All pupils are involved.


    • Places of Interest in The Locality: ( See SESE Policy)                                      
    • Rattoo Round Tower and Abbey.
    • Kilmore Strand & The Cillin Graveyard.
    • The Cashen River at Ballyhorgan where the Feale & Brick
    • Ballybunion Beach.
    • Rattoo Heritage Centre.


    • School Cleaning & Mantainence: The school is cleaned on a daily basis by the caretaker who is employed by the B.O.M. (Part Time).Pupils are expected to keep the school litter Free and bins are provided in the yard and in the classrooms. Pupils are encouraged to respect and have pride in their school and to maintain a high standard of cleanliness both in the school building and in the play areas. We are a “Green School” and apply to have our flag renewed every two years.


    • Absence of Teachers & SNA: The absence of a teacher should be notified to the Principal either by the teacher or some person acting on the Teacher’s behalf as soon as possible to enable arrangements to be put in place for that teachers class. The estimated duration of the absence should be specified (Rule 118) The teacher must supply Medical Certificates in respect of any absence which exceeds any 2 consecutive days. Absence of SNA should be reported to the Deputy Principal who in turn organises substitute cover. Medical Certificates to be supplied for more then 2 days in accordance with OLCS Guidelines.